Weaving Festival

The Weaving Festival is a general public weaving demonstration presented by the CTTC young weavers in the Convento y Catacumbas de San Francisco de Asís del Cusco. Ten young weavers from each of the ten communities attended to weave, spin, knit and explain about their traditions to the public. Each community had a table with information and examples of their traditional textiles. The CTTC also provided free weaving classes to the public as well as an exclusive sale of textiles. Both national and international visitors were invited to attend, including local schools.


The goal of the Weaving Festival was to educate the general public about traditional textiles of the Cusco region while also building a strong image for the CTTC amongst the local population. Of the attending public, the majority were from Cusco with fewer international visitors in attendance. The local public appeared greatly impressed with the young weavers, their work, and the organization as a whole. The greatest impact on both the local and international public seemed to be with those that participated in the free weaving classes. After getting to work one-on-one with a weaver from Chahuaytire, Pitumarca or Chinchero to learn how hard it is to weave, visitors came away with a deeper appreciation for the weaver’s work.


The most inspiring part of the Weaving Festival without a doubt was watching the young weavers from Chumbivilcas participate in the event. The community association recently re-formed their Young Weavers Group in January and this was the first CTTC-organized event they participated in. All of the young weavers from Chumbivilcas are very young, between 5 and 12 years old, and they were very enthusiastic about participating in the Weaving Festival even though they had to travel 8 hours one-way to get there. A few days before the event they turned in the very first jakima they had woven. We put these up for display with other textiles woven by the adult women at their table in the Weaving Festival. When the children from Chumbivilcas saw their work on display they were so excited and kept pointing out who had woven which jakima.


Submitted by Sarah Lyon, CTTC Education Department