Cultural Revitalization

Well before the end of the twentieth century, traditional weaving skills and designs were in danger of disappearing from Andean communities. CTTC, with support from Andean Textile Arts, has helped weavers recover or improve traditional skills, learn to use natural dyes again, and produce marketable goods. The more proficient weavers have taught those just learning, and the weaving knowledge of the elders has been recorded, preserved, and passed on. As CTTC worked with them, adults and children have been encouraged to wear and take pride in their traditional dress, further driving the motivation to revitalize their traditional textiles.


Andean Textile Arts is an underwriter for an annual weaving competition among the Center’s weaving associations. Weavers enter their best woven and knitted textiles in several categories of traditional forms: mantas, chullos, belts, ponchos, etc. The top three weavers from each village are awarded prizes. The Center purchases the winning textiles to add to their permanent collection. Andean Textile Arts’ sponsorships encourage weavers, knitters and spinners to take their work to new levels and honor their heritage.