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Join Our New ATA Book Club

If you love books, you’ll really enjoy the five titles we’ve selected to kick off our new ATA Book Club. Join us as we discuss each of these books during five virtual book club sessions held via Zoom chat. While we can’t share a living room or that favorite table at the book shop, we can still bring our thoughts, knitting (or spinning), and a cup of tea as we spend time together over a good book.

You’ll find on our book shelf a murder mystery in an Andean village, a humorous recap about an anthropologist’s trek from Cusco to Lake Titicaca, and a fascinating history of cochineal red. There are also two adventure books: one taking you on a search for ancient Peru, and the other blending together travel with Peru’s history, archaeology, and anthropology.

We are keeping the reading groups small at twenty people per session. You may join one or more reading groups when they are open for registration. There is no fee for participating, but we hope you will consider a donation to Andean Textile Arts.

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Andean textile traditions and way of life were all but lost – until a young Quechua weaver and an American couple dreamed of changing that.


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