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Learn more about our new Bolivian textile tour.

Explore the traditional arts, cultures, and natural wonders of Peru’s southern neighbor. We’ll visit the lowland artisans of ArteCampo in Santa Cruz and the J’alqa, Tarabuco and Cochebamba weavers at ASUR in Sucre. We’ll see colonial Potosi’s silver at the Royal Mint House and watch the sunset over the salt plains of Uyuni before spending the night in a salt hotel. We’ll travel to La Paz in the high Andes to visit the textile collection of the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore. You’ll have time to explore the ruins of imperial Tiahuanacu, wander through street markets, and view La Paz and the nearby mountain Illimani from above on the teleférico. This Bolivian Artisan Tour, the first of its kind for Andean Textile Arts, is full of surprises.

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