Teaching Double Weave to Peruvian Weavers

Andean Textile ArtsBehind the Scenes

Be careful what you say “yes” to. In this case, by saying yes, weaver Jennifer Moore created the richest personal experience of her life. Jennifer is a foremost authority, weaving teacher, and author on the subject of double weave, a technique in which two layers of cloth are woven simultaneously, the layers interchanging to create reversible patterns. Though her experience was in weaving on foot-powered European-style floor looms, she had spent years researching double weave pick-up techniques, which were used in Pre-Columbian textiles as well as in other cultures. Jennifer had met Nilda Callañaupa, CTTC’s founder and director, while teaching at weaving conferences in the U.S.  So in the course of planning for the 2013 Tinkuy, the international gathering of … Read More