Mojonamiento in Chinchero, March 2015: The Community of Ocotuan

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Carnaval is a very important time of year in Chinchero, as in many areas in the Cusco region. During Carnaval there are numerous activities in which the population participates; one of these is Mojonamiento. It’s a bit past 5 am and the mayors, or varayoc, are beautifully dressed in their red ponchos, carrying their ceremonial rods. The resonant sound of their conch shells, or pututos, announces the beginning once again of mojonamiento. During this festivity people in each district join together with their mayor in an ancient ritual that has the objective of renewing and upholding the boundaries that separate one community from another. The activities begin in Chinchero’s main plaza with the waylacas, who play an integral part in the festivity. Surprisingly, waylacas are men who are dressed … Read More