All in a Day’s Journey to Huacatinco Village

Andean Textile ArtsBehind the Scenes, Indigenous Connections

Sometimes it pays to take the road less traveled. Such is the case when it’s the only road to the village of Huacatinco in the Ocongate region of the Cusco highlands of Peru. In February, ATA board members Betty Doerr, Jan Gibson, and Marilyn Murphy, along with CTTC director Nilda Callañaupa, and her husband Paulino, traveled to the most remote of the CTTC artisan communities. Huacatinco joined CTTC in 2013. This marked the first time ATA board members would see the newly-built community center made possible through a generous donation from Patricia Zilinski, in memory of her mother, Ann DeKam. The mighty Ausangate mountain frames the landscape. Light-colored dots in the distance become sheep and alpacas upon closer inspection. The … Read More