2018 Andean Arts Textile Tour

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2018 Andean Arts Textile Tour
October 22- November 2

For many people, traveling to Peru and experiencing Machu Picchu is on their “bucket list.”  For those of us who celebrate artisan textiles, that dream may include the opportunity to visit some highland villages, meet the weavers in person, and see their hands at work on the patterns that have been passed down for generations. And what if you could try your own hands at spinning, backstrap weaving, or natural dyeing?  Even better, what if you could do all that accompanied by internationally recognized Quechua master weaver Nilda Callanaupa? That dream would be almost too good to come true!  Almost.

The good news is that we have arranged all those experiences for you! You can accompany us on a remarkable journey that will not only satisfy your bucket list, it will touch you deeply, enrich you, and stay with you. This is travel at its best, the kind of travel that means something to both you and those you meet and interact with along the way.  

We’ll travel with a group of 18–21 people, along with two Andean Textile Arts representatives and award-winning Peruvian travel guide Raul Callanaupa. Nilda Callanaupa will accompany us to the weaving villages and introduce us to the Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco where we will have an all-day workshop. We’ll enjoy a day in Nilda’s hometown of Chinchero where we will participate in a natural dye workshop and a traditional lunch prepared and served by Nilda’s family.

Our travels will include the Sacred Valley, the historic Pisac market,  the Incan water shrine at Tipon, and the spectacular stonework in the beautiful town of Ollantaytambo where Manco Inca battled Pizarro and the Spanish, as well as the royal fortress of Sacsayhuaman. We’ll have two days at Machu Picchu, time to explore Cusco, and a private tour of the Amano Museum in Lima, one of the most prized collections of pre-Columbian textiles in the world. It’s a full, rich, and rewarding itinerary.

Past travelers have said,

“I really loved going to each of the villages and seeing the pride and talent there. I am humbled by the skill and level of excellence of those weavers, spinners, and knitters, working with such basic tools without benefit of charting diagrams. I already understood how complex the textiles were, but actually meeting the artists and watching them do their craft was the best for me.”

“Raul was the perfect guide. Charming, intelligent, helpful, compassionate. I loved listening to him talk about the history, culture, and geography of Peru. He was so proud and knowledgeable. It made the trip very special. His interpretation and explanation of Machu Picchu was heartfelt and compelling and made it all come alive for me.

We would love to welcome you on this tour!  Make your dream come true this October!

For more information, a complete brochure containing all the dates, pricing, full itinerary, and other details, please email pam.art@icloud.com.