Andean Textile Talks

Mark your calendars for the 2024 series of Andean Textile Talks!

Led by subject matter experts, these virtual conversations (via Zoom) will cover topics such as Andean culture, textile traditions, historical and current events, and even food or drink. The hour-long webinars are $10 and include a presentation followed by a Q&A.

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Most recent Textile talks

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Ancient Andean Animated Attire: Lively Dress on a Paracas/Nasca Textile with Lois Martin

The hyper-arid environment of Peru’s South Coast has preserved 2,000-year-old textiles from the Paracas and Nasca periods. One example has a colorful, cross-looped border of 92 parading figures, each about four inches tall. In this presentation, Lois Martin will show that dress not only signaled a wearer’s gender, status, and social identity, but also bore markers of active vitality — as if echoing contemporary notions of traditional garments as “living textiles.”

Mouth Masks & Severed Heads with susan bergh

The fragmentary Nasca cloth at the Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the greatest paintings to survive from Andean antiquity, due to the realism, complexity, large size, and refined execution of its figures. Six numinous beings process the length of the cloth. Wearing whiskered "mouth masks" and carrying severed heads, the figures appear to embody important cosmic forces in Nasca culture.

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