Celebrating Peru’s Ancestral Textiles

On the third of November, the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) held a “Celebration of Ancestral Textile Arts” to mark the unveiling of its newly remodeled store, educational center, and office building in central Cusco. Throughout the day, representatives from the CTTC’s ten weaving associations spread across the sunlit green lawn of the Qorikancha, the most important temple in all of Incan culture, to work on backstrap looms, show off naturally dyed yarn, and talk with locals and tourists as interested passersby filled the wide sidewalk along the lawn. Dignitaries including the CTTC’s executive director Nilda Callañuapa, the CTTC’s board president Miryam Luna, and the mayor of Cusco, Víctor G. Boluarte Medina, all spoke warmly about the important role of textiles in Peru’s culture and history, and the critical work of the CTTC in preserving and reviving that heritage.

After the public celebration at the Qorikancha, guests moved next door to a private evening reception at the CTTC’s updated building. New photography and video installations highlight the ten weaving villages and their unique textile traditions, and a redesigned store interior serves as a modern showcase for colors, yarns, and finished goods. The updated store feels simultaneously cozy and like a beautiful art gallery, and is a wonderful blend of history and education in addition to an inspiring shopping destination.

As major funders of the renovation, Andean Textile Arts was thanked repeatedly and warmly throughout the day for our donors’ support. Several ATA board members were in attendance, and were so pleased to see such a vibrant space taking shape in downtown Cusco thanks to your contributions.

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