Andean Textile Arts COVID-19 Response Fund

Help us reach our $20,000 goal!


As you and your family face the risks and fears of the COVID-19 epidemic, so do the weavers in the Andes. Peru is currently one of the countries where the pandemic is growing fastest, and the weaving communities have never been in greater danger of losing their livelihoods. They are meeting this threat with resourcefulness and courage, and they need our help.

The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) has been closed since March 15, as have all but essential businesses, and the weavers have been advised to weave in their homes and not at the weaving centers in their villages. With tourism shut down, weavers are left without income from their work, and the CTTC has no sales from which to continue to pay its staff.

Thanks to your previous support, ATA was able to make a $12,000 emergency grant to enable the Center to buy already-made products from the weavers, giving the communities some immediate income. CTTC has also re-evaluated and re-submitted its grant requests for this year, focusing its education and community development programs on textile techniques and products that will be readily saleable when tourism begins to return. Meanwhile, a large grant from another non-profit will be used to upgrade their retail capabilities including, importantly, a real online store.

But these programs need staff, and the CTTC has no income right now nor does it receive any financial assistance from the Peruvian government. To help the Center through the shutdown, the members of the ATA board have personally donated an additional $5,000 as a matching grant, and we are raising additional funds to help support CTTC and Andean weaving communities. Please give whatever amount you can to help CTTC keep its staff working with the weavers toward a more secure future.

With deepest gratitude,

The volunteers of Andean Textile Arts

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