Board Members

Marilyn Murphy, President

An ATA board member since 2013, Marilyn is managing partner of, a global textile marketplace. She was formerly president and editorial director for Interweave media.

Photo of Anita Osterhaug

Anita Osterhaug, Vice President

A former editor of Handwoven magazine, Anita is a writer and journalist. Her first textile arts book, Nordic Hands, was published in 2023.

Jennifer Moore, Treasurer

Jennifer holds an MFA in Fiber; her work, which explores mathematical relationships and musical patterns in doubleweave, has been featured in exhibitions and publications throughout the world. She is the author of The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave. Jennifer lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Photo of Pam Art

Pam Art, Secretary

Former president and publisher of Storey Publishing, Pamela joined the ATA board in 2014. She now organizes and directs tours on behalf of ATA.

Photo of Sandi Cardillo

Sandi Cardillo

is President of Conrad Associates, LLC, a management consulting and coaching company based in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she assists executive leadership teams with structure and strategy needs related to growth and change.

Photo of Virginia Glenn

Virginia Glenn

is a retired educator with a degree in Spanish from UCLA, a MA in Special Ed from CSULA, and a PhD in the same field from USC. She learned to weave in the mid 70’s and has collected textiles on her travels around the world, with a special passion for Latin American textiles.

Photo of Ercil Howard Wroth

Ercil Howard-Wroth

has always had a love of history and tradition. She holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MS in education from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She has served on the ATA board since October 2014 and oversees social media.

Ginger Jones

A nonprofit fundraiser for educational and environmental organizations for nearly 30 years, Ginger weaves together her commitment to women’s empowerment, traditional arts, cross-cultural understanding, and environmental sustainability. She has worked and travelled in Latin America, Africa, Nepal, Far East Russia, and Asia.

Bob Miller

Now an experienced backstrap weaver exploring the complex techniques of Peru and Guatemala, Bob has been an enthusiastic ATA and CTTC supporter and volunteer for several years.

Susie Strauss

is the former executive director/founder of One to One Women Coaching Women, a non-profit that provides coaching at no cost to women in the U.S. and Canada who come from challenging backgrounds and situations.

Advisory Board

Photo of Wade Davis

Wade Davis

is professor of anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Between 1999 and 2013, he served as explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society. An ethnographer, writer, photographer, and filmmaker, Wade is the author of numerous books and articles.

Photo of Betty Doerr

Elizabeth doerr

has worked for the past 30 years as an organizer and fundraiser for community-based organizations in Latin America and the San Francisco Bay area.

Mary Frame

A Canadian art historian and scholar of pre-Columbian textiles, Mary has published works on the Paracas, Nasca, and Inca textiles of Peru.

Jannes J. gibson

is an educator and former education program specialist at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC.

Photo of Kevin Healy

Kevin Healy

For more than three decades, Kevin worked as a grants officer, working with local non-governmental organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has published on indigenous movements, participatory development, and the drug industry in the Andes. He currently teaches at Georgetown University.

Andrea Heckman

has been a cultural and trekking guide for the international adventure travel company Wilderness Travel for forty years. In 1996, she was a Fulbright Fellow in the Ausangate region of Peru, studying textiles and rituals. Andrea is an avid photographer and the author of Woven Stories: Andean Textiles and Rituals.

Linda Ligon

founded Interweave Press in 1975, serving as its creative director until 2015. She was also founder and publisher of Thrums Books, a publishing company focused on indigenous textiles and the people who create them. Linda joined the ATA board in 2008, and transitioned to the advisory board in 2019.

Ann rowe

A Canadian art historian and scholar of pre-Columbian textiles, Mary has published works on the Paracas, Nasca, and Inca textiles of Peru.

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