Planned Giving: Sociedad para Vidas Tejiendas

(Society for Weaving Lives)

What is YOUR Legacy?

For more than 25 years, the Andean Textile Arts community has worked and given passionately to support the people and communities of the Andes in their efforts to preserve and revitalize their textile traditions. With our help, they have revitalized and accomplished so much. Now, they and we must plan for the future, tackling new challenges such as climate change, industrialization, and preserving their traditions while surviving in a digital world.

To help with these challenges, ATA has established the Sociedad para Vidas Tejiendas (Society for Weaving Lives), a group of generous and forward-thinking donors who will support our long-term mission through a planned gift, whether in their estate plans or a life income gift. The Society honors these donors with special recognition plus online and in-person events and activities.

Through planned giving you can make larger contributions than possible through cash or annual gifts. Gifts to the Sociedad para Vidas Tejiendas fund will be transformational for launching major new initiatives, sustaining or expanding programs, or establishing endowments. 

Why Planned Giving is Valuable to You as a Donor:

It's flexible & Easy

You can make a gift today by including a provision in your will, and you can also make changes if needed in the future.

You can make a larger impact

than would be possible through an annual gift or in your lifetime.

You have choices

Other simple planned gift options include naming ATA as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement account, IRA, annuity trust, bank account, or donor-advised fund.

Please consult with your attorney or financial advisor for opportunities and options that are right for you. If you have questions or would like to discuss giving options, contact: Marilyn Murphy or Ginger Jones at


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