Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands

Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands is an inspiring virtual visit with the Andean weavers, spinners, knitters, and dyers of the Peruvian Highlands. Designed for fiber guilds, schools, and other groups, it is an opportunity to “travel” to this part of the world and be exposed to the area’s unique traditional textile arts and cultures.

In this one-hour live hosted program, which features members of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC), the focus is on the preservation and revitalization of their traditional textile arts. Video clips and images showcase textile techniques such as weaving, dyeing, spinning, and knitting. These include specialized weaving techniques such as ikat, tapestry, double weave, discontinuous, and supplementary warps.

Andean woman weaving

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